All those memories

This past weekend I had to empty my father’s storage room in Quebec. It ain’t funny going through someone else’s stuff, especially when you recently lost that person. Both on Saturday and Sunday my heart went through an emotional carousel. 

My mother asked me to take care of this matter. She did not want to have anything to do with any of the things that reminded her of him. She said it was too painful for her. I could not blame her. Losing your lifetime partner can’t be easy. I never experience it and I do not wish to find out how it feels. I am sure it must be awful to wake up one day and see that you are all alone. No one to talk to you, to smile at your sight or tell you when you’re going off the track. 

This, Saturday I woke up early morning, despite the fact that I barely slept five hours, and drove all the way to Quebec city. I had no idea what to expect or how my day would go on. All I could get from my mother was that I had to empty dad’s storage within two days. I don’t think she knew what he was having in there. How could she? They were not living together for almost ten years. Actually, I don’t think she even knew where he lived. I don’t recall hearing her saying she had paid him a visit. After their separation, they rarely saw each other. 

I never understood why they got separate. None of them saw other people, although they could have done it. When I inquired about their reason, all I got was a big sigh and that was it. It did not seem like a rational or reasonable decision. Especially when I saw how much they still loved and cared about each other, despite being separated. I guess it’s another mystery I won’t get to solve during this lifetime.

When I got there, it took me a few minutes to find my way around and find his storage place. As for the things he was keeping inside, all I can say is that my jaw dropped after I opened the door. The entire room was filled with boxes: small, medium size, big and “ginormous” boxes, as my daughter would say. I opened a few and found lots of old memories that made my eyes teary. I can’t believe he kept all my Xmas cards and my soccer trophies from high school.