The annual family reunion

The annual family reunion - Gene Stone

I was never fond of family reunions. I like my family members but I can not handle having all of them together in the same time. That’s because there is too much drama and too many stories between some members. I don’t recall a single reunion where there wasn’t an event, a scandal, a fight or at least someone making a fuss about something.

My wife says that my family’s history is just like the plot in one of the South American soap operas that she is watching on TV. I never watched any of those, but I tend to agree with her.

Once in couple of years it’s my turn to host the family reunion. Last year it took place at my brother’s house. This year it’s my turn. I am already getting stressed only by thinking about it.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not stress about how much I will have to spend for the event. I am panicking thinking that there will be a fight for sure. I am worried that my relatives will get too loud and the neighbours might call the cops on us. I just moved here and I do not wish to have any problems! My neighbours seem very friendly, the neighbourhood is nice and don’t want to move from here, nor to walk down the street with my head down because of some stupid things that my family would do. I don't wish to ruin the nice relationship I have with my two neighbours that welcomed us in here with open arms.

I am thinking that one of these evenings I will have a barbecue and invite my neighbours over for dinner. Maybe then, I could let them know about my family coming over and that we might have some issues going on. Better to be proactive and prepare them ahead of time.

One of my neighbour is doing Industrial patio heaters Quebec. From what I gathered he is not at home during the weekend as he goes to see his parents. The other one is working in shifts. He is a security guard at the airport. I hope that in case hell breaks loose, he won’t be at home when that happens. It won’t be pleasant for him to come home after work and be bothered by the scandal coming out from his neighbour’s house or yard.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a miracle!