Brotherly love almost non-existent

Brotherly love almost non-existent - Gene Stone

This last weekend I went to visit my aunt. All the way we were in the car, I had to listen to my brother and his work colleague discuss about the air quality testing in Saint-Therese. I tried to change the topic but they did not care. They went on rambling about their work, as if there were no other things that they could have talked about.

I felt annoyed and left out. Usually when you share a ride, you try to make it pleasant for everyone who is present. Also some of us have the decency not to talk all the time about our work. Work is not what defines us. What you do between 9 and 5 is your damn business. Why should I have to listen to all of your work related stories if I have no interest in the topic?

If you don’t care to include me in the conversation, fine! I am more than okay with that.

I put my headsets on and I can listen to some music on my phone and easily ignore you. Though don’t expect me to be all nice or to help you out later on when you will need someone to lend you money or make you look good in front of your folks, covering up for you.

As you have guessed by now, me and my brother we are not getting along too well. I don’t think we ever did. Our relationship is similar to that between a cat and a dog. We are not always at each other’s throat, but we definitely are not best friends.

I do not recall a single moment when I was able to rely on him, or when I felt that brotherly love. What I got from him, even when we were kids were kicks, tricks and nerves. He annoyed me more than anyone else. Obviously that mom always took his side because he was the younger one. Seeing her making differences between us got me convinced that I was adopted. For  along period of time I believed that I must have been adopted. Otherwise, how can you explain to a child that his own mother cares more about his brother?

I learnt a lot from her mistakes. I grew up promising myself I will never treat my kids the way she did and that I will do my best to be involved in their lives, that I would get to know them truly and help them whenever needed.