Day 1

Day 1 - Gene Stone

Below is the first excerpt from my camping dairy. Since there was no Internet available and no reception on the camp grounds, I was not able to post for the whole week.

Finally in vacation! Yay! I can’t explain how much I am appreciating my first day off. I woke up around ten today. Yesterday we had so many orders that I left work around 9 P.M. I was to tired when I arrived home that I could not eat anything. I just a shower, drank a glass of milk and went straight to bed. 

I knew that I should start packing and that I had a long list of things to do prior to my departure, but I was not in condition to do any of those. I was exhausted and my back was hurting. Before falling asleep, I thought that I should not have lifted those big boxes, but it was too late. I just hoped that my back pain would go away during the night and I would wake up in a better shape.

Given that I had to drive for about five hours, I had to be fit. I could not afford to stay in the driver’s seat and have a nasty back pain. That would have not helped. I had big plans for this vacation. 

Once I was up, my first instinct was to move around and see if the back pain still persisted. I was relieved to see that it was gone. I left the bed and went to the kitchen to make myself a coffee. While the pot was brewing, I checked the two lists that I had written on a piece of paper and placed on the fridge’s door with a magnet.

I had to pack my bags, prepare my fishing equipment, take out the trash, take an appointment for a dental crown Boisbriand for when I'll be back, fill my gas tank and call my friend Kevin. Once I had a light breakfast, I was able to do everything within less than two hours. 

I left the city around noon and arrived at my destination close to 6 P.M. There were some portions of the highway that were under construction and the traffic was slow. That made me drive for one extra hour. 

As soon as I reached the campground, I installed my tent and rushed to cook my dinner. I had learnt from my previous camping experiences that it was not wise to prepare any flavoured meals during the evening or the night because it could have attracted wild animals.“