Do Not Trust Everything You Hear About SEO

Do Not Trust Everything You Hear About SEO - Gene Stone

SEO Toronto came up as a result of hard work that had been consistently put in place by a number of people. Most of the pioneers have not been heard of since SEO took off, which is a very sad affair. All in all, there is the legacy they have left behind that will never be changed. It is a credit to them and they will always remain silently great wherever they exist. Many people have come forward trying to steal the show from these guys. They have been claiming that they are the ones who are to be credited with this great innovation.

Recently there was a fiasco in one of the shopping malls in town. One guy was busy addressing people there. As usual, I just passed by him and did not stop to find out exactly what was happening. When I go to the mall, I tend to go for a specific reason and I seldom get distracted at all. I finished my business and quickly left in order to get back home to tend to other things. I was in time for the early evening news. Just imagine what I saw as one the stories; it was surprising. The same guy that I had passed by at the mall came up on the screen. Apparently he was a conman who was trying to pull a fast one on people there that he was the originator of SEO. He took a little money from some unsuspecting people in order to teach them the SEO techniques.

There was a commotion in the crown. One big guy made his way through the crowd up to the center and grabbed the man by the neck. He gave him two open slaps to the face and demanded that he return the money solicited from the unsuspecting passersby. At first, the conman hesitated and two more slaps made him to take out the money from his pocket and put it on the floor. When the big guy let him loose, the poor fellow fled for his life before an angry crowd could descend on him. It was a scene that brought a lesson for people to learn. To me I learnt that I will stick to what I always do, which is to never getting into business that is not mine. For the other guys who almost lost their money, they were not to trust every Tom, Dick and Harry.