Finding the right motivation

Finding the right motivation - Gene Stone

Now that winter is here I noted that I had started to eat a lot more sweets than before. I always nibble on some piece of junk food as if I am a ten years old. When I collected the garbage bin from under my desk, I saw that it was full of chocolate and candy wrappers. It reminded me of the time when I was in college and my roommate Bernie was in between diets. He would gobble down a Mars or a Snickers bar without even chewing it.

After I threw away the content of the bin to trash, I headed straight to the washroom, looking for the weight machine. I wanted to see how many pounds I had gained by eating like Bernie. The jeans felt a bit tighter around my waist and some of my shirts were not fitting me like it used to.

When I saw I gained six pounds in less than two weeks, I told myself that I had to stop. No more late night snacks or sweet treats whenever I wished for. I was not having the metabolism of a teenager.

Since I was never a fan of going to the gym, nor exercising, my only way of burning these calories and keeping my weight under control was to eat healthier and walk more. But who the heck wants to walk daily outside when it is freezing cold? The few steps I was doing from my front door to the car were more than enough for me. I did not wish to spend more time in the cold than I had to.

Therefore I had to find something else to help me stay away on track. A few moments later I remembered that during my latest Dental services Boisbriand, I was advised by my dentist to reduce sugar and caffeine intake. It was strange that I had completely forgotten about it. Now it seemed like the perfect time to develop healthier habits. If I was not doing it for looking better, money was definitely a key factor.

Given how much I had spent on my dental bills throughout the past four years, I knew that this was the exact type of motivation that I needed. I know, I do sound like a Jew. My new year’s resolution is to stay out of sweets and cook more at home instead of dining out each second day.