French style

French style - Gene Stone

When you look around it seems that the French people have invented many things amongst which - very surprisingly - what you call mesotherapy. This rather unknown technique consists in providing a patient with small injections right under the skin. Obviously it cannot cure serious diseases but it can help in some circumstances. Natalie a good friend of mine who was suffering from sleeping issues turned to it and was very happy with the results. I do not know if I would dare trying but for sure she was very happy. The French are known for their sense of esthetics and obviously French usually means chic. All of my French friends were always very chic especially the girls. It's not always the case with the boys though because it seems that men less look after themselves but I must say this, they do have a sense of style especially if they are above their 20s. Where I used to work before there used to be a French guy who would always wear a scarf even when it was springtime. One day I asked him why. He told me that it's just the way people dress in France and that there are a few accessories that one should always have and amongst them is the scarf. I must say it is a very light yet useful accessory that really makes a difference in an outfit. This guy also told me that shoes are very important and I agree with him because I saw several times some people who were well dressed but wearing ugly shoes and that just spoiled everything. What a pity really. He on the contrary would always wear clean and neat shoes even if it was simple tennis shoes he would always mix and match things with great style and simplicity. The guy even taught English girls how to dress this was really funny to see. When I used to study at McGill University with my friend Laura who is French, I saw how her style changed within weeks. They have this sense of harmony. For instance one should not wear more than 3 colours together; 2 are even better. There are colours that just don’t match together. Red and green for instance. Cold and warm do not match. As simple as that would say her French friend. And indeed with some simple rules one can change their wardrobe and style!