The Health Consciousness

The Health Consciousness  - Gene Stone

I had been very health conscious for as long as I can remember because I believe in the fact that health is wealth. My concern had been increasing daily because of the global decrease in the health standards. This had been due to the increased use of chemicals in everything, the technological lifestyle, the widespread use pollutants and the lack of availability of clean drinking water and what not! All these factors have been contributing to ever increasing levels of pollution which have been then posing serious threats to people's lives.

One day, I therefore decided to conduct research over the internet regarding the environment and what factors have been influencing it since technology has evolved. I came to know a lot about various factors, and pollution was the main one making the environment dirty.

To make you understand better, pollution is further divided into categories such as water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and more. All these types of pollution combine to have a very harmful effect on our environment which then starts to endanger our health. And there had been much hype about air pollution, so I went on further to explore about it.

I came to know that air pollution has been due to many factors: the smoke from cars, stoves, engines, the exhaust emerging from various machines, the heat that is emitted from the use of machinery which combines with the components of air to form dangerous gases. Moreover, the increased amount of industries have contributed a lot to polluting the air. Though due to all these things we enjoy an easier and a better lifestyle, all of these things have put our life to a much greater risk that ever existed before.

All of these things were making me astonished, and then I came to know about a company regarding air quality testing in Montreal. Now air quality testing related to testing the quality of air which exists inside the buildings where we reside. I was amazed by the idea and wondered why I did not know about this before.

Coming to know about all this, I decided to alter my lifestyle into a healthier and happier one. I created a garden and planted a lot of trees. I was deciding to buy myself a vehicle, and before going to buy it, I ensured that it fell in the category of low emission vehicles.