Lead water

Lead water - Gene Stone

I think my symptoms are getting worse. During the past two weeks I noted that I got more flares and tingling in my arms. Also my vision seems to be affected a bit. I started to see flashes and floaters again. No, it’s not double vision, but it isn’t good either. I called my physician in order to get an appointment, but I was told he was in vacation. Well, I guess doctors have to right to go vacationing as well, not only the patients.

When I asked the date of his return, I was told that the earlier appointment with him would be only in two weeks. I took it, just in case. In two weeks anything can happen. I could even be dead by then. Who knows? I just hope that I will be able to cope with the pain until then.

So far I was worried about being exposed to cold and having my pain increased. Now I am worrying that my condition may be aggravating due to some environmental allergies.

On my humble opinion my water supply is the culprit for the heavy metal poisoning. The pipes that the water is passing through are very old. I asked my landlord to change them, but he started to laugh. He added he had no money to find a Free estimate plumber Toronto or anywhere else.

When he heard my concerns he suggested me to start boiling water. He was an idiot, but I couldn’t tell him that. He had no idea that the water did not have lead in it, nor that boiling water does not make the lead evaporate. It was a pointless thing to do. As much as I tried to explain to him that when water remained stagnant for a while in the lead water service connection, the lead was dissolving in the water, he did not care.

All I could do is to buy a water filter and have it installed at the kitchen’s sink. Anyway I do not use tap water for cooking or coffee. For that I have bottle water. I use tap water only to do the dishes.

I hope my asthma won’t get worse and I won’t have to increase my meds’ dose. I am tired of getting pill after pill and still feel awful. Having a chronical illness is a pain in the ass! I try to keep my head up but sometime I just can’t! It’s hard to be positive when you are in pain.