Logical or Emotional?

Logical or Emotional? - Gene Stone

Today, I was supposed to meet my brother for lunch, and go through the details of a possible new venture. We had a reservation made at Baton Rouge. We both are hooked on their goat cheese sirloin and the rib steaks.

I got there, about ten minutes late, and I was expecting my brother to be already there. Although I was starving, I decided to wait for couple of more minutes, before I ordering my favorite dish. I just asked for a beer. I took out the binder he handed me a week ago, when he came to me saying we should buy a business.

So far, I was able to go only through the first pages of the binder: the organization and its good standing. I was having a crazy week at the office, and I had no time left for personal projects. I skimmed through the financial information, the physical assets, real estate and intellectual property. When I got to Licenses and Permits, I heard my brother's voice. I raised my eyes and saw him talking to the waiter for a few seconds, and then, he walked towards my table.

He apologized for being late. He mentioned something about ordering an acrylic awning montreal, and having a hard time explaining the details, in French, over the phone, to a non-native French speaker.

I made a sign to the waiter we were ready to order. My brother was anxious to find out what I thought of the opportunity. I explained I had to speak with my accountant, provide him all the financial details of the business, and only then I would have an answer for him. This week was impossible for me to leave the office. Plus the accountant was out of town for couple of days.

In a nutshell, the whole deal had to wait. If the owner was in a big rush, which I doubted it, then we would have to say pass.

He wasn't thrilled with my answer, and he explained why. The seller was one of his friends, who are going through some family problems. Unfortunately, the poor guy was trying to pull out most of his money in order to pay for some expensive medical procedure for his kid.

I was touched by the way he cared for his friend. In the same time, I tried to explain that I couldn't base my decision on a feeling. It had to be logical decision, not an emotional one.