Looking for A Job? Seek a Headhunter for the Best Opportunities

Looking for A Job? Seek a Headhunter for the Best Opportunities - Gene Stone

When my wife graduated from college, we didn’t know exactly what we would do. She had a degree as an electronic technician, but neither of us had any real idea where we wanted to live or where we wanted to work.

The only thing we knew for sure was that we were going to go wherever she needed to go. She had the degree with the greatest potential for success, so it only made sense to follow her pathway. I was perfectly fine with that. I could work in business anywhere, and really so could she, but we wanted to find her a job that really was perfect for her.

The great thing was that neither of us had any “must live here” kind of place in mind. It did not matter to us where we moved to, as long as it wasn’t too cold. I love the north, but I was not battling -10-degree temperatures for four months out the year.

Our one problem is that neither of us had a very good idea on how to conduct our search. We could use websites or search newspapers, but you never know if those are really any good at all, and so that didn’t make any real sense. We wanted to be smart about this. Once we moved that may be the place we would stay, so we did not want to make an uninformed pick and then be in the middle of some city doing a job she hated.

A friend of ours recommended using a headhunter to help us. This is a person whose job it is to match employers with employee candidates. This sounded like a great idea. We went to see one in Toronto, about 30 minutes from where we were both going to college. She was awesome. She took down information, talked to us about what we wanted and then went to work.

A couple of days later she called my wife and asked us to come in. There she had over 20 cnc cutting technician jobs in 11 different cities for us to look at. It was unbelievable. After reviewing them, we decided on one of the two in Toronto. She set up interviews, and within a week she had a job. It was awesome.

I am so glad my friend suggested this. It helped us to make a great choice and we love it here now.