Mom’s return

Mom’s return - Gene Stone

For the past two weeks I have tried to reach my mother on her cell phone without any luck. I was really worried concerning her health. The fact that I had no news from her got me more worried. Seeing that she is not answering her phone, I called to of my friends and asked them to call her or pass by and check on her. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that my mom lives abroad. She moved back to Europe once her and dad separated. She said it was time for her to go stay with her family because they were old and they needed help. Her decision to relocate on a different continent with some relatives that she had seen only once in two years during the past twenty-five years seemed a bit rushed.

Anyway, there was nothing that I could have said to her to make her change her mind. Mom is one of the most stubborn person I have ever met. Once she sets her minds to something, there is no turning back. In a nutshell, it’s her way or the highway or something like that.

Both of my friends went by her house in order to see how she was and ask her to return my calls. When they got there they had been told by the neighbours that she was not there. Her sister was still living there, but she was not at home when they arrived. Apparently my mom had gone somewhere without mentioning to anyone. Maybe her sister knew, but since she wasn’t there, they could not inquire her about my mother’s whereabouts. One of my friend had the idea of writing a short letter and leave it in the mailbox, hoping that my aunt would find it. 

This evening while I was having dinner with some friends, trying to figure it out if I should apply for a private loan Montreal, I got a phone call from abroad. As soon as I saw the number, I knew it was mom. I was relieved to hear her voice. I felt even better when she told me that she was fine. She added that she got my friend’s letter and she was calling to let me know that everything was alright. She had been taking a trip to Normandy with two old friends. Because she was out of the country her phone was on airplane mode.