The naked truth

The naked truth - Gene Stone

Sometimes we wish for things and we keep on telling ourselves that they are good for us. We convince ourselves that our happiness relies on those things or at least that it is directly linked to them. We spend hours daily or weekly imagining what we would do in a certain scenario. Most of the times these scenarios have nothing to do with the real life or problems. How could they? They are the product of our mind which is responsible for creating our dreams. If they would be any drop of negativity in them, they would not be called dreams anymore. They would be bad dreams, right?

As a concrete example, let’s take the following scenario: one desires to move to a tropical country and leave behind the bitter cold. That person would emphasize more on the positives aspects of the adoptive environment then on the negatives.

Before throwing himself into the river and dragging his family along, he would try to ensure that his expectations will be met. To do so, he would try to have a steady income from his homeland that he could count on while living abroad. He would look online for a place to rent and be ecstatic to find one with an ocean view for half the money that he was used to pay for.

He would think of the nice temperatures, beautiful island landscape, abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables, freedom to enjoy outdoors year round and the most important, sparer time with the family.

Once the move is done he would live a six month period of excitement, followed shortly by a drop of enthusiasm and increase of sarcasm. When the pink glasses will come off he would start seeing that he was chasing an Eldorado dream. The very things that he enjoyed in the beginning will be the ones encouraging him to return home.

At the end of one year he will already know that cheap prices equal poor or questionable quality. The lack or temporary unavailability of certain products will not be easily accepted.

Working with the locals or finding serious and reliable employees would be a hassle.

The comparison between the local and the medical or Dental services Boisbriand would be one of the decisive factors. The never ending rainy season, the constant fight against mold, fungus, mildew, creepy crawlers, all these will contribute to his decision. Maybe not right away, but they will all act as a brick in the wall. The moral is that what we want may not be what the best is for us.