The power cut

The power cut - Gene Stone

So the other night, I had an enormous craving for pizza. I was laying on the couch watching TV and the urge suddenly just came upon me. My brother must have had the same idea because he bolted upright and just shouted “I want pizza.” How very odd, but well-timed given the circumstances I found myself in at that exact moment.

He decided that he was going to make a trek over the vastness of the Edmonton paving between our house and the pizza place so that he could bring back some slices of cheesy goodness. I had no problem with this because it essentially meant that my job was to lay back and wait for pizza to arrive. This is never a bad situation to be in, if I do say so myself.

The one caveat is that we would be getting frozen pizza, as takeout is too expensive for what it is. So my new job now became pre-heating the oven and chucking the pizzas in. Still a pretty easy gig, if you ask me.

So off my brother went, traversing the paving on his way to the supermarket as I flicked the oven on and went back to sitting around; not really doing a whole lot. I must admit that my hunger caused me to keep constantly glancing out of the window so that I could watch the paving, keeping an eye out for my brother’s inevitable arrival with our bounty of food.

Then, disaster struck! The power in the house went completely out. TV turned off and the oven shut down. To say this was going to put a dampener on proceedings would be something of an understatement! Of course just as that happened my brother came waltzing up the paving with his frozen pizzas in his hand, clearly wondering why the entire house was in darkness.

To cut a long story short, we resolved to wait it out as we assumed the power cut was just a minor thing. As it turned out, we had no electricity for the rest of the night so not only did we not get to eat our pizza but we also lacked for any sort of electrical entertainment for the entire night. Worse yet, as the fridge was no longer on we ended up with a bunch of spoiled groceries that couldn’t be used anymore. I hate power cuts!