Retired - Gene Stone

In 2002 I purchased a pair of sneakers that lasted for more than a decade. I loved my Adidas Adipure New Trend from the first moment I saw them. They were far more comfortable than any pair of sneakers I have ever tried. Instantly they became my favorite shoes.

I wore them everywhere. I traveled throughout fifteen countries wearing them. I went to Europe, Asia and South America with them. They never let me down. I walked through snow, mud, rainwater and they made it. After fifteen years of use, today I officially “retired” them. I guess they really deserved to retire after all the places they have been. They served me well these puppies.

Starting of 2012, I thought that they would not last one more year. But luckily, they surprised me each year. Yes, they started to look worn out, but I was not ready to give them up. I wanted to see how long they can live, if I can say that.

Except for this pair of Adidas, which was an exceptional product, I never had seen or heard anyone saying that their sneakers lasted so long. Most of the shoes would be done within one or two years.

I tried purchasing the same model, but unfortunately they do not make it anymore. I looked everywhere with no luck. I have been told that it was a discontinued model. I guess that the company was losing money since the product was so amazing. Financially it did not make any sense to them to sell a product with such a long life span. Thus, no wonder it got discontinued.

This morning, when I took a long look at my shoes, I finally decided they were done.

My daughter and my grandchildren were so happy to hear the news. They hated my sneakers. Probably they got fed up seeing me with them all the time. I don’t blame them. I did it for fun.

Thus, I invited my two granddaughters to help me transform the shoes into a piece of art. I gave those couple of bottles of acrylic paint and asked them to write down all the countries I have been with the shoes.

By the time I was back from my Dental cleaning Boisbriand, they had made them look amazing. These times tested puppies were so colorful as if they came from Mardi Gras. I loved them even more. My plan is to staple them to one of the trees in the garden in the spring, and I will grow flowers in them. This way they will continue to live forever.