Safety comes first

Safety comes first - Gene Stone

Since I sold my car and I am driving the van, I realized that I am spending more on gas than before. I guess I should have considered this issue prior to selling the car and buying a new one form a private lender. My old beloved car, the Lancer, although it was old, it was still working well. In addition, I knew what was wrong with it. I had changed a lot of things on it: the alternator, the belt, the brakes, and windshield-wiper-motor.

I would have not sold it, but since my wife was nagging me to get a newer car, I thought that for once I could please her. I was surprised to see that she was fine to drive a van and she had no problem doing a reverse parking. I know, I am mean. I expect all women to be bad drivers. 

Maybe because most of the female drivers that I have met did not make a good impression on me when it came to safety on the road. Most of them were easily distracted by their phones, or too busy to put lipstick, while they were supposed to focus on the road.

Anyway, I learnt my lesson. Caution and prudence are key to not getting involved in an accident. In more than thirty years of having my driver’s license, I never had any accidents. My wife, on the other hand, had five within the past three years. I told her she is lucky to be alive. Countless time I tried to show and explain where or what she was doing wrong, but she never listened.

I even volunteered to hire an instructor to teach her some things, thinking that she would learn better from someone else. If she did not want to learn from me, I was fine with that. But at least I wanted her to understand that she was putting her life in danger. Not too mention she was endangering the other people in the traffic.

Yesterday she had an appointment for a migraine treatment. I did not even dare to go with her. I knew that if I would suggest to her to let me drive she would get upset, annoyed or irritated. Since I did not want to add more pressure on her, I let her go all alone and prayed that she would be safe and return home without any problem. 

I don’t give a damn if the car gets damaged. I care more about her than a piece of iron. I don’t care if the insurance goes higher because of her accidents. Money comes and goes. It’s not important to me. All I want is to have her safe.