Xmas vacations are booked!

Xmas vacations are booked! - Gene Stone

I have been meaning to write this post for almost two weeks. Somehow I always ended up doing something else. Something that I was not planning to do. When you have three kids at home, there’s always something showing up daily. I made it a habit of not making a big fuss if my daily schedule doesn’t stick to the plan. I gave up. I had to because I was always ending up frustrated and energy drained.

I spent the last two weeks planning our Xmas vacation. Imagine that it took me close to five days to find a destination that was suitable for all of us. When the kids were young, it was so easy to take them on a trip. Now all of them have something to say about it. They all have preferences. It’s hard to please everyone in the same time.

Luckily my wife is easy going. She does not mind where she goes as long as she goes somewhere. Her only request is to go to a place where she does not need to cook or look after the children. Going all-inclusive is the best choice for her. She could lay beside the pool and relax while the kids are entertained at the kids’ club doing some silly activities or snorkel with me in the ocean in front of the hotel’s beach. 

When I finally managed to get everyone on board for a trip to Jamaica, I noted that two of my credit cards were about to expire close to the departure. I called MasterCard and asked if I could have the cards sent earlier to my address. I wanted to ensure that I would have at least two valid credit cards while being abroad. In case I had extra spendings or I decided to find a GTA car rental agency and get a car or something like that.

It ain’t fun getting stuck, financially speaking, while you are abroad. Also it’s not a good idea to carry a lot of cash with you. I did not like the idea of exchanging money from one currency to another or having more than fifty dollars on me. I heard lots of story about robberies that took places in Central American countries and all of them involved “gringos” who foolishly had too many gadgets with them (cameras, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and flashed them everywhere without thinking for a single second that having all of those things on them made them a walking target.